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Founded in 2014, Flatiron combines elite digital marketers, product managers and data scientists from leading US gaming companies into an award-winning digital agency.

Our Approach

Most agencies operate in a silo, fundamentally limiting their ability to shape the growth trajectory of your business.

Flatiron Gaming is different.

We work as an extension of your team, developing an end-to-end digital marketing machine tailored to achieve your goals, whether that be a successful state launch, market domination, profitable growth, raising a large round, going public or being acquired.

Layer 1

Data Infrastructure

Success in Real Money Gaming relies on having the right measurement foundation in place.

We’ll help implement an integrated set of analytics and attribution systems, isolating the performance metrics that matter and operationalizing those metrics throughout every facet of the marketing decisioning process.

Layer 2

Value Decisioning

Allocate your budget on the basis of return on investment, not a flat cost per acquisition.

We develop predictive lifetime value models, allowing you to find better arbitrage in the ad auction by paying more for higher value users and less for lower value users.

Layer 3

Creative Engine

The battle for attention becomes more competitive by the day and standing out requires constant introduction of novel creative concepts into the ad auction.

We institute a creative development and testing process that helps you maximize the frequency of creative breakthroughs and unlock new heights of performance.

Layer 4

Conversion Optimization

The ad click is only the beginning.

We analyze every step of the customer journey,
rapidly developing & testing hypotheses to drive
higher conversion rates across all platforms.

Layer 5

Reporting & Insights

Ongoing optimization requires closing the loop between hypothesis generation and conclusion.

We deliver detailed reporting, highlighting key performance trends and the underlying drivers. Our reporting is designed to produce actionable conclusions which guide the next round of experimentation.


Marketing Infrastructure

We’ll help you build the foundation
required to market efficiently

  • Attribution Modeling
  • Event Instrumentation
  • LTV Forecasting
  • CPA Calibration
  • Experimentation Framework
  • Player Promotions
  • Rewards Strategy

Media Buying

We’ll develop and execute your paid
campaigns across all major ad channels

  • Campaign architecture
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Creative Strategy & Development
  • Landing Page & App Store Optimization
  • Onboarding & CRM Optimization
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Fraud Monitoring


Our Stat Sheet is in.


Managed Gaming Ad Spend


Webby Award Winner


#1 Sports App

FanDuel & Caesars Sportsbook


Live in 19 Regulated US States


FanDuel Case Study

Flatiron successfully led FanDuel’s digital marketing strategy & execution from the mobile product launch in 2014 through to FanDuel’s acquisition by Paddy Power / Betfair in 2018.


Launched FanDuel's iOS app


Launched Fanduel's Android app



WINNER: Best Mobile Sports Experience
WINNER: Best Mobile Site & App: Sports



WINNER: People’s Choice Award - Best Sports App


FanDuel Acquired by

Paddy Power / Betfair

Effectively managed $100M+ digital
marketing spend for FanDuel

FanDuel’s Post-Game Analysis

Flatiron are truly one of the best customer acquisition teams you can find. They are able to think in a highly strategic fashion, but then quickly distill that thinking into killer execution. They know how to acquire customers highly efficiently while keeping a really great perspective on the broader marketing process.

Nigel Eccles
Founder & CEO - FanDuel

Flatiron are exceptionally experienced and effective digital marketers. At FanDuel they have driven our highly effective digital marketing efforts.

Dan Spiegel
VP, Brand - FanDuel

Flatiron are hands-on, experienced digital marketing practitioners across multiple channels. They not only know the theory, but can find lesser-known undervalued pools of inventory. Flatiron has the ability to step back and frame his actions within the right strategic context. I'd work with them without hesitation.

Andrew Cleland
Managing Director, Comcast Ventures (FanDuel Investor)

Flatiron are thoughtful and forward thinking digital marketers. They are goal/metric oriented while maintaining an eye towards the big picture.

Alan Resnikoff
Partner, Shamrock Capital (FanDuel Investor)

Flatiron Playbook

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A guide to mitigating mobile network fraud and brand risk for Real Money Gaming advertisers.

Navigating Uncertainty: A Guide to iOS14 for RMG Companies

The release of iOS14 was monumental for user privacy and devastating for Real Money Gaming app advertisers.

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